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Monday, September 12, 2011

Katiki water falls-Vizag

It is located in Vizag district of Andhra Pradesh, about 7kms from BORRA CAVES.
Im amazed to see the water falls and the beauty of the place.Falls are about 1300m high and
the water was chilling all the time.
The way was little risky to reach the ws slippery and way of about 1mt width where only
person can fit.
I along with my graduation friends were holding hands in a line to climb up.
we enjoyed a lot, but it was too late and the local private cabs didn't come and it was
getting dark and then we realized that we are in FOREST and everybody in the group were scared
about the wild animals and the radicals/naxals.
Finally only one cab came after 1 hour of waiting.The cab owner said "the other cab got a repair".
and we were 17members in one cab adjusted and he dropped some of us at one place saying that
the other cab is its way.It was really getting dark and after few minutes when the cab left with 9 of our group
A man came and was asking us money to reach ARAKU and he said us that he was a painter by profession and coming from so and so place and one of the local auto-rikshaw driver took me to a place and he showed him the place and offered him DRINK,he didnt remember what happened after that and when he woke up early in the morning at 4 am and realized that he was totally looted and nothing is left with him even his sweater and chappal.He came walking from morning to reach the place where we were standing.He said that the people who took him there mixed something in the drink and he was fortunate that any wild animal did nt attak him in that deep forest.
Our group really got scared hearing to the story and we were praying to god that other cab to reach soon, the cab didn't reach.we have no option than to wait and there is no mobile network to call our friends who left in the first cab.We saw each others faces and came together to sit together at the place....doubts came into our minds regarding the first cab , whether he took our place to the right place or not and will the second cab return to us.For a moment we lost hopes and we decided to take a lift from the vehicles coming passing through,but if some of us get the lift ,remaining will be alone and what about the first cab.we were in real confusion and waited there for more than 2 hours and finally the same first cab came dropping our friends and said that it was late due the railway gate.
That is the one of the wonderful experience in the VIZAG tour with my graduation friends.

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