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Review on zenni opticals

ZenniOptical is the #1 online eyeglasses store offering high quality prescription eyeglasses from $6.95. Eyeglasses are definitely a personal fashion and style item. Website : Product : Prescription eyeglasses Price range: $6 to $45 With Various benefits of thin and light lens, UV protection, Anti glare, sunglass tint,etc Unique selling proposition (USP) : FASHIONABLE AND TRENDY GLASSES Target market : It caters all segments of Price range from $6 to $46 with all the benefits and covering all range of material and population of all ages.   Marketing strategy used by the company: "Customisation" of product according to the gender,size, shape, color and material to be used and meeting the specifications of the customer.  Delivery process: online order is delivered to home and free shipping on order above $50

International Business-Food chain- assignment -expansion-FOOD CHAIN ENTERING U.S

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS PROJECT :FOOD CHAIN ENTERING U.S Saucy Samoz Introduction: Saucy samoz brings you a full range of tasty, authentic Indian snacks, Appetizers and Entrees. All our products are manufactured in the USA. We use only the finest and most authentic ingredients from India to ensure ‘true’ flavor and serve the customers with innovation in the process and products with best practices in cooking providing customer delight and achieving customer confidence. DOWNLOAD LINK:


TAJ ICE CREAMS is located in Bhindi Bazaar, Mumbai LINK TO NOTES:

The essential dimensions for an Indian Entrepreneur

The two dimensions that are essential for the entrepreneur are 1.Visionary Dimension 2.Architectural dimension Visionary Dimension: -be able to see the the future of the company -able to scale up the company in the future -predictability of the customer needs and the future changes Architectural dimension -be able to clear idea on the processes, procedures,the operations -develop the operational capabilities to meet the customer needs and should be able to adapt to those changes.