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Tomorrow-21-december-2012-End of the world

I am waiting for this date from past two years from the date the movie 2012 was released. The last date in the Mayan calendar and also According to Nostradomus Dec-21-2012 is the last day... I am really excited to Feel and Experience the end of the world!!! Lets come together to enjoy our last day....

Most Polluting Vehicles in Hyderabad-R.T.C Buses

Most Polluting causing Vehicles in Hyderabad-R.T.C Buses Most Polluting vehicles in Hyderabad are government run Andhra Pradesh Road Transport Corporation. These emit such a smoke causing most Discomfort to the bikers behind the bus and sometimes even causing suffocation and Irritation to skin, and eyes. Do these vehicles need to undergo Pollution check and Is Proper maintenance is required or Not. The survey made by some organisation found that the Centers like Panjagutta has less than 2% oxygen available because of Pollution. Let us Keep Hyderabad Clean,Green, and Free of Pollution.

Interiors In Hyderabad-Modular Kitchens and Wardrobes: 8 Streaks Interiors

Contact: Modular Kitchens are Equipped with the pre-manufactured cabinet parts, modular kitchens are simple and look elegant with top notch interior styling and designs. Most of the common modular kitchen features and their accessories in the contemporary kitchens are listed below - Cabinets: A cabinet is an important accessory for the present day contemporary kitchen. These different cabinets are exclusively meant for storing containers of different sizes. They do not just increase the storage space, but also help in organizing things in a way that they are not visible, thereby helping the kitchen look neat, organized and spacious.. Shutters and shelves: Every modular kitchen comes with plenty of shelves and shutters. With the help of shutters, you can stack crockery items like bowls, plates, containers and utensils conveniently. Cooker Hoods: You can see cooker hoods in any of these modern kitchens. Cooker hoods are more useful in getting

Shame on doctors -Example 2

I heard it from somebody, that of the reputed private hospital located in patny, secundrabad, Andhra pradesh that One of the doctors who speaks so sweetly with the patients and gives them so much assurance and patient thinks He is form of God, talks a deal with the first line of  company that, If Ihave to write prescription for your product give me 4***** and I give you 12***** per year. What a bullshit. And he appoints his own sub distributor to get the commission on the sale. Poor people keeping so much hope and trust on these BLOODSUCKERS come for treatment. Please let us not encourage this type of system.Please be genuine and help others..

Shame on doctors in INDIA-EXAMPLE 1

Most reputed hospital in Andhra Pradesh was Involved and the doctor in that hospital was caught in the act of "ORGAN TRADE" What the hell is this? First of all...Is he a human being. What would you expect the punishment for his offence. I would shoot him to death for playing with the lives of poor and patients, Because lot of complications are involved in unrelated transplants. But, to our surprise, there was no action taken against him, due to lack of proper evidence and he is Practicing in his own style and in the same Hospital.

Shame on Doctors in India

Yes, Most of us do not know the real color of Doctors, where we feel that he is God and saves life. But for a doctor, his profession is not to treat patients.Patient is a money bank for him and his Profession is a Business. I can assure that 99% of the doctors in India are Corrupt,Shameless,and Do not have ethical values. Pharma people are the gods who Invent medicines, know how they work and different fields of Scientists work on it to produce and manufacture a  medicine for the benefit of the patient. But doctors do not respect all these people, they think they are the only people who can do whatever they want  play with the lives of patients, Insult Pharma people. I know some of the doctors who do not know the basics of medicine,just copy the protocol what the other doctor does blindly and looting the money from the patient and other parties shamelessly. The whole system has to change, Pharma companies should be regulated by government strictly, If crossed the rules,cancellin

Product Training:Know ur product

Product training is the most important aspect for the development of career.It is very important to know about ur product before you start your Marketing. Its not just about knowing,its about how well you know about it,all dimensions of the product.Its USP, Positioning, Brand elements, Specifications and Product differentiation,Product line and Product depth.

Where is Freedom of Speech and Expression??

The Preamble of the Indian Constitution ensures to all its citizens the liberty of expression . Article 19(1)(a) of Indian Constitution says that all citizens have the right to freedom of speech and expression. Freedom of Speech and expression means the right to express one's own convictions and opinions freely by words of mouth, writing, printing, pictures or any other mode. It thus includes the expression of one's idea through any communicable medium or visible representation, such as gesture, signs, and the like. This expression connotes also publication and thus the freedom of press is included in this category. Free propagation of ideas is the necessary objective and this may be done on the platform or through the press. This propagation of ideas is secured by freedom of circulation. Liberty of circulation is essential to that freedom as the liberty of publication. Indeed, without circulation the publication would be of little value. The freedom of speech and

2nd Man on MOON-Buzz Aldrin

Buzz Aldrin was the second man on the moon after Neil armstrong, On Apollo 11 first Manned lunar landing. I was forced to search for the answer, when i was watching the movie 3 Idiots and the questioned was asked by professor virus to students in the movie. By my curiosity, I found it and Buzz Aldrin was the second man and on july 20 1969 landed on moon after Neil Armstrong.

Controversies in movies

Are controversies in movies made by the directors to get the publicity or the the scenes are made controversial by some groups or people to get publicity for themselves. Recently many movies in Telugu are into this category, Cameraman Ganga tho Rambabu, A women in Brahmanism, Denikaina Ready are into controversies. Are these movies in to controversies because of the mistakes made by the Directors,story writers or dialogue writers or Wantedly they are making controversies to get publicity to the movies or For getting Publicity the group representatives or the political leaders exploit the small issues in the movies to gain the publicity. Anyhow, there are two sides of the coin for any Issue, But should not affect public Interests and Harmony in the state.

Savitha In Ireland;Really a tragic Incident

Really a Tragic Incident, Savitha being a doctor was Pregnant and has Identified the trouble in her delivery and asked the doctors to save her life by doing abortion in the most Critical situation. The Law in Ireland do not permit abortions,but it Has resulted in the loss of life.Definitely there should be amendment in the law and certain cases which are critical should be left to the Doctors. However still Investigation is going on about the exact situation, Still Human rights should be respected and protected. R.I.P Savitha

Digital Art by Vijay-Samsung Tab 2


Study of Blogs-Blogology

I was studying since my childhood of Different "LOGY" Means "to study". Biology-study of Living organisms Zoology-study of Animals Herpetology-study of Amphibians Ornithology-Study of Birds. I got an I dea of studying Blogs..what do we call the study of Blogs.How Blogs are written and what are the different blog categories, what do they write, how do they write, where is the orgin of the blogs, Uses of Blogs, Disadvantages of Blogging, what is the forst blog written....................etc etc etc. So I would say Study of Blogs as "Blogology"

Happy Diwali

I wish you Happy and safe Diwali. -Celebrate Diwali with full of Joy, Sweets, Traditional Mouth watering foods and Crackers, But Be safe while Burning Crackers. -Wear Cotton Clothes -Do not place all the crackers at same place where there is a chance of catching fire -Keep all ur pets Inside -Be aware of small children, Do not let them burn crackers without adult supervision. ONCE AGAIN, WISH YOU HAPPY AND SAFE DIWALI

India Today-My Favorite Program-The Outsider-Sebastian

The Outsider-Sebastian The Program THE OUTSIDER, Definitely my favorite program, the Topics chosen in the program are very relevant to the current situation of  India and Host Sebastian I love the way he asks the question.The People in the debate are also Very much relevant, responsible and Knowledgeable Persons and the Best Discussions takes place and Supported by Facts and Figures. Many points that come of the discussion are worth to be noted down and At least we must think on those problems and can do something on it, If is in our Hands.After all India is Nothing But People who are living in India. WE ARE INDIA AND WE ARE RESPONSIBLE.

MBA-Marketing-What is a Brand?

How to define a Brand.We see so many brands around us everyday...If i ask u name some of them... You get only few of them on top of your mind.If i ask u the -Milk Brands what is ur answer...Amul, Jersey, Heritge, Tirumala... -Tooth paste- Colgate, pepsodent.... -Face wash-Ponds, Garnier, Nivea.... -Shoe Brands-Nike, Woodland, Bata, Redtape So why do we remember only few of the brands....WHAT DO YOU SAY Of "GOOGLE" Google is just a serach engine but search engine is totally replaced by GOOGLE.We just do googling, ryt?? So the the strength of the brand that is BRAND EQUITY. Brand is the combination all the brand elements. Brand elements Includes- -Brand name -logo -colour -music -Tagline -ad characters etc... So it is a combination of all these Elements.But the Brand is remembered and will be on the top of the mind of the customers if and only if along with the elements, Brand Positioning is Important and the QUALITY of the Product/Service,Trust and the Relevan

Its my world of Blogging: LIC Housing loans at lowest Intrest rates-hyderabad-advice from Housing loan expert - Andhra Pradesh, India

Its my world of Blogging: LIC Housing loans at lowest Intrest rates-hyderabad-advice from Housing loan expert - Andhra Pradesh, India

LIC Housing loans at lowest Intrest rates-hyderabad-advice from Housing loan expert - Andhra Pradesh, India

LIC Housing loans at lowest Intrest rates-hyderabad-advice from Housing loan expert - Andhra Pradesh, India   NRI Housing loans in Hyderabad and Takeover Loans to LIC Facebook page

Best Ironical Comment Made by Javed akthar at CNBC IBLA

Best Ironical Comment Made by Javed akthar at CNBC INDIAN BUSINESS LEADERS AWARDS: Really I liked it the most and the javed akthar expressed in such a subtle Humour saying that he do not know about Business much and left Economics, But he is Improving his "English" and has learned the PAST TENSE OF "SCAM" is "SCHEME" . I liked the way he Ironically describes the condition of India,Where every scheme introduced by the government becomes a SCAM. How much money can a human being spend,how much will he spend on luxuries,All the politicians who involves in scams what do they do with these money??? They die of fear that these scams will be out some day, fear that somebody takes them out some day, finally die with all sorts of Diseases from B.P, Diabetes.Its better to give to the needful and get some happiness out of it.

Hurricane Sandy in U.S and Neelam in India, Are these Signals for the coming Disaster of End of the world.

Hurricane Sandy in U.S and Neelam in India, Are these Signals for the coming Disaster of End of the world. Neelam caused huge loss to Agriculture sector, all the districts along the coast starting from West godavari, Prakasam ,Nellore and coast of Tamilnadu.One lakh hectares of agricultural land was damaged by the Heavy Rains caused by Neelam in Coastal Region of Andhra Pradesh. The devastation that is created by these hurricanes is huge for the economy. In U.S ,The cities New Jersey and New york are in darkness without electricity, Internet and people were asked to store food in advance.In India too, neelam has caused destruction, with heavy winds, rainfall and still going on. This is all the results of the exploitation of Natural resources and causing the Imbalance in the ecosystem. Drilling oil into the ocean bed, emission of carbondioxide leading to global warming which in turn leads to melting of glaciers, rising sea level and earthquakes and tsunami. Yes, these are the sign

October-14 World Arthritis Day

Kims Hospital has organised a WALK in Neclace road for Arthritis walk on the occassion of WORLD ARTHRITIS DAY. Flagged off by VVS LAKSHMAN. People walked from people's plaza to Neclace Road railway station. Doctors has adviced people who attended the walk to walk and move to prevent athritis and Early detection of Athritis is Very much essential to treat it Properly. LUPUS is another Disease where rhematoid athritis is associated with it. Arthritis is inflammation of one or more joints. A joint is the area where two bones meet. There are over 100 different types of arthritis. Kims Hospital has organised a WALK in Neclace road for Arthritis walk on the occassion of WORLD ARTHRITIS DAY. Flagged off by VVS LAKSHMAN. Symptoms Arthritis causes joint pain, swelling, stiffness, and limited movement. Symptoms can include: Joint pain Joint swelling Reduced ability to move the joint Redness of the skin around a joint Stiffness, especially in the morning

Ten Recently Extinct Animals

10 Thylacine Commonly known as the Tasmanian Tiger, the Thylacine was the largest known carnivorous marsupial of modern times. Virtually wiped out in the wild due to constant hunting (they were thought to be a threat to sheep and other small farm animals) and the encroachment of humans on their already limited habitat the Thylacine was finally recognized as being in danger of becoming extinct in 1936, too little, too late as that same year the last Thylacine, named Benjamin, died on 7 September as the result of neglect — locked out of its sheltered sleeping quarters and exposed to freezing temperatures at night in Hobart Zoo, Tasmania. 60 years on there are still claims of sightings but all are yet to be confirmed. 9 Quagga The Quagga was a southern subspecies of the Plains Zebra. It differed from other zebras mainly in having stripes on the head, neck, and front portion of its body only, and having brownish, rather than white, on its upper parts. The last free Quag

Dont Disturb the Cycle

Everything in this world is a cyclic process.See for example the basic process 'the seasons' or the cycle of evaporation, Everything in the life is a cycle of Events and each and every event should follow the succeeding one and each and every event is Interlinked.If any one of the event is altered, whole chain is disturbed and gets lost. Man is trying to change all the natural Processes,atleast as a selfish creature he has to think of his own future ans sustainance, should try to maintain the systems which helps atleast do not disturb the processes which directly or has an Instant effect on Mankind. Man is responsible for extinction of many species in this world and Soon mankind will face extinction if it continues,Because he is disturbing the food web, where the food of One creature is extinct leading to extinction of other.Finally creating large gaps and Great Imbalances in ecosystem. Human Beings should act wise as most evolved creature on earth.Protect nature,protect eco

India’s coming grave water crisis has a simple, cheap India's water crisis' cheap solution: Waste water recycling solution: wastewater recycling

POLITICS/NATION India’s coming grave water crisis has a simple, cheap India's water crisis' cheap solution: Waste water recycling solution: wastewater recycling. But for private capital to get into this, public policy must challenge perception biases against recycled water. Where will India get its water from in the coming years? The water challenge is already grave and could get graver. By 2050, for instance, it is estimated that demand would go up to 1,180 million cubic metres, 1.65 times the current levels, a situation that would be made worse by fast dwindling fresh water resources. That's why desalination — removing salt from seawater to make fresh water — is increasingly catching the fancy of administrators. Two of India's most industrialised states, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat, are the keenest among the lot. A water-scarce Tamil Nadu, already running one desalination plant, is working to complete a second plant and planning for the third. Gujarat is also said to ha


                                                               GO GREEN Its high time, and we have to wake up and start going GREEN.The level of chlorofluorocarbons, the level of carbon dioxide, the pollution everywhere leading to contamination of each and every thing in our life. The temparature is rising at an alarming level due to green house gases, leading to warming up of whole earth. The glaciers are melting leading to the rise of sea levels, submerging Islands and creating unusual environment for the marine life. The toxin levels of all the contaminants are increasing day by day. Result of all these is untimely rains, spreading of diseases, cancers, decreased levels of oxygen, depletion of ground water, Ultimately the bad LIVING CONDITIONS and Difficulty for SURVIVAL in the near future.                                                 lets Go Green So lets go green, let us utilise our electricity wisely and let us put off the fans,lights and AC's when they are not re

Marketing Strategy-Aircel Unlimited 3G

Aircel unlimited is little deceiving or in marketing Jargon we say it Persuading the customer.Watever it may be, the offer is attractive to the customers where they think that it is 3G unlimited.But actually it is a limited 3G and Unlimited 2G. For example we take RC 197, it is 1GB 3G data and Unlimited 2G. However, the offer is luring to the customer and most of them do not know wat actually it is.But the good thing is atleast it is giving 1GB of 3G data for just 197 which is 'value for money' and unlimited 2G is also another benefit but we have to compromise on the speed.

Marketing- Instantaneousism Vs Gradualism

Really this is an intresting topic where my left hemisphere always have a fight with my right hemisphere.I always think whether to take a decision at that instant based on the current scenario or to take the decision based on the facts and records of the past. In my view it depends on the type of Industry we are in or the kind of situation we are in.Generally the type of decisions we take have a long term effect on our Business.In such a situation, we need to analyse the past records and figures where in the decision should be rational, Because the one instantaneous decision may rise or collapse ur Business. But in other situations where we need to react so fast and that involves our intitution and especially our Competitors.For example the competitor has suddenly decreased the prices of the product to one tenth. What will we do?? Do we also decrease it to such an extent??? It all depends on the Indstry we are in.If it is really a competitive industry.we cannot avoid the price r

Bike Transfer process from other state to Andhra Pradesh

To start the topic, I really had to remember the most difficult and painful experience when I shifted my bike from Goa to Hyderbad.I was working in Goa and had to transfer my bike as I got transferred to Andhra Pradesh. Firstly I suggest people to sell the bike and get transferred unless you are so attached with your vehicle and going to stay in transferred place for more than 5years. The process goes like this, 1.Take police clearance form from crime branch from 1st state 2.Take NOC from RTO. Atleast plan this before a month.coz it takes atleast 1month to go around and sumbit your documents,get verified and Issue NOC. 3.Come to 2nd state, Provide the bills of mode of transport to sales tax depatment and rto in photocopy along with the Invoice of your vehicle, RC, and NOC 4.Pay the commercial tax in sales tax department the road tax in rto. 6.Get your vehicle verified by Inspector in RTO 7.Get his signature on NOC 8.Pay for the new registration number 9.You get your n


The Movie Cocktail , Honestly to say, Horrible Story.As a normal public if I have to say about this movie, wasted some valuable 3hrs in watching such Immoral Story. I dont Understand what the writer or the director wants to show and give a message. Is it that you can have S** with whomever you want till you get your TRUE LOVE or Does he want to advice girls to have it before marriage or Message to boys that Girl Like MEERA can be easily flirted with some Faltoo words and she falls in love with the boy, eventhough she knows that he sleeps everyday with her Best Friend or Does he want to promote the idea of Threesome. The Introduction of hero starts with filthy mind with uncontrolled hormones,It doesn't matter to him whether she is air hostess, waiter or even a Beggar!!!! BUT ...There are some aspects where we can Enjoy, the scenic views of Cape town and Cinematography is Good.Songs are good and the potrayal of Friendship and Values is good between Veronica and Meera. Diana a

Its time for Hyderabadi Haleem!!!!!!

The season of Haleem has statred and the Hyderabadi haleem became ppula as Hyderabadi biryani. Every center and every street is ready with the Haleem to serve. is available only during Ramadaan. It is a mainstay during the holy month of Ramadaan. This traditional wheat porridge Haleem is nutritious and a blend of meat containing proteins, dry fruits containg anti oxidants said to have anti ageing properties, and the spices.   Hyderabadi Haleem's Ingredients : 1kg Mutton-boneless, cubed 1kg Cracked wheat-soaked in water for one hour and drained 1½ cup Yogurt 1 tbsp Ginger-garlic paste 1¼ cup Onions-chopped fine 1 tsp Green chilli paste 2 tsp Green coriander paste 1/4 cup Lemon juice 3-4 Black cardamoms-seeds 1/2 tsp Cinnamon -broken and powdered 1 tsp Chilli powder 1/2 cup Oil 2 tsp Salt Green chillies and mint leaves for garnish 1) Mix together the yogurt, lemon juice, chilli and coriander paste, cardamom and cinnamon powder, chilli powder, ginger-garlic paste an