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Maintaining Relationship-key role in effective Supply chain and Marketing

Relationship should be maintained at each and every level of value chain. The ultimate consumer if has to be satisfied, the whole chain has to run without any disturbance. So, first know your Internal customers and your partners who helps in satisfying the needs of the consumer. The relationship is a thing which is not developed overnight, it takes its time in a two way trust between the parties which is built on by many interactions involving exchange and sharing of ideas, profits and balances in them.

Process of Decision making-inevitable for Managers

Whatever a manager does, it involves decision making.He doesn't even know that he is making so many decisions in his routine. But the approach towards the decision making in a 'problem solving' situation should be towards finding out the question rather the answer.If we know the question then its easy to find the answers for that and choose between the alternatives.Because most of the decision making involves making use of available resources and make a best choice. According to Peter F drucker, Taking managerial decisions are Strategic and should concentrate on finding the "right question" and should follow these steps: DEFINE THE PROBLEM : Find out the 'critical factor' that is affecting the situation.Find out the real problem      2. ANALYZE THE PROBLEM Finding out the right question      3. DEVELOPING THE ALTERNATIVE SOLUTIONS      4. FINDING OUT THE BEST SOLUTION      5 .MAKING THE DECISION Decisions are to be taken carefully by using ef