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Animated Candle


Marketing -Find the god in its Details

Yes, Find the God in the Details.Find each and every detail of everything you do, study your Job, your Product, Processes you are following, go into the minute details, that is everything.You have the information and you can do based on that information.For Example you know each and every detail of your product, its features , its cons, pros, price, why is it priced like that, what is the reason behind the design of your product and the differentiation from your competitor, and why your customer likes your product.That's it you get every information and its vey easy to modify your prodcut strategy according to your situation.

R.T.O data need to be shared and centralized among all States

Each and every state in India has its own R.T.O department and the vehicles registered under one state and the information should be available regarding the vehicle for the ease if that owner of the vehicle is transferred to other state.After all we all are Indians and can drive our Vehicle all over India.So If there is a system of data between the R.T.O across India and the data is protected by Correct software and Educate the R.T.O department in adapting the advanced technologies, the service can be better and the Time can be saved.This gives Hope and Trust in Government Officials. This not only helps the common people from One who move from one state to another in getting their registration done quickly but also easy to check whether the vehicle Belongs to the owner and Easy to catch the theft vehicles. Just you need to develop a software which can give the information of owner and related details on giving  the registration Number to the system.

What's there in a NAME??? SUPER SPLENDOR

T he bike Super Splendor was really a good launch with all improvised features than the previous model of splendor.Of course the model splendor is known for as the economical bike with the best mileage, super splendor was also launched on taking the same positioning values and it is successful in leveraging the point. The bike has everything which it has to have, mileage,looks, comfort, and it is the bike for the people who wants to Experience the higher HP bike with 125cc at reasonable price.Positioning in between the 100cc bikes and 150cc bikes at that time. What went wrong with the SUPER SPLENDOR is its name.People are Bored of watching SUPER HEROES-SUPERMAN , HE-MAN, SPIDERMAN. Which has something super in it and finds kiddish in the name and SUPER STARS in INDIA do more Comedy stunts and Fights.So Customers couldn't find it so comfortable in name 'SUPER'. Right product at the right time at right place also failed due to NAME. So whats there in the NAME????