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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

R.T.O data need to be shared and centralized among all States

Each and every state in India has its own R.T.O department and the vehicles registered under one state and the information should be available regarding the vehicle for the ease if that owner of the vehicle is transferred to other state.After all we all are Indians and can drive our Vehicle all over India.So If there is a system of data between the R.T.O across India and the data is protected by Correct software and Educate the R.T.O department in adapting the advanced technologies, the service can be better and the Time can be saved.This gives Hope and Trust in Government Officials.
This not only helps the common people from One who move from one state to another in getting their registration done quickly but also easy to check whether the vehicle Belongs to the owner and Easy to catch the theft vehicles.
Just you need to develop a software which can give the information of owner and related details on giving  the registration Number to the system.

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