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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bike Transfer process from other state to Andhra Pradesh

To start the topic, I really had to remember the most difficult and painful experience when I shifted my bike from Goa to Hyderbad.I was working in Goa and had to transfer my bike as I got transferred to Andhra Pradesh.
Firstly I suggest people to sell the bike and get transferred unless you are so attached with your vehicle and going to stay in transferred place for more than 5years.
The process goes like this,
1.Take police clearance form from crime branch from 1st state
2.Take NOC from RTO.
Atleast plan this before a month.coz it takes atleast 1month to go around and sumbit your documents,get verified and Issue NOC.
3.Come to 2nd state, Provide the bills of mode of transport to sales tax depatment and rto in photocopy along with the Invoice of your vehicle, RC, and NOC
4.Pay the commercial tax in sales tax department the road tax in rto.
6.Get your vehicle verified by Inspector in RTO
7.Get his signature on NOC
8.Pay for the new registration number
9.You get your new number after 15 days(they say) but atleast 30-45days.
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