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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


The Movie Cocktail, Honestly to say, Horrible Story.As a normal public if I have to say about this movie,
wasted some valuable 3hrs in watching such Immoral Story.
I dont Understand what the writer or the director wants to show and give a message.
Is it that you can have S** with whomever you want till you get your TRUE LOVE or Does he want to advice girls to have it before marriage or Message to boys that Girl Like MEERA can be easily flirted with some Faltoo words and she falls in love with the boy, eventhough she knows that he sleeps everyday with her Best Friend or Does he want to promote the idea of Threesome.
The Introduction of hero starts with filthy mind with uncontrolled hormones,It doesn't matter to him whether she is air hostess, waiter or even a Beggar!!!!
BUT...There are some aspects where we can Enjoy, the scenic views of Cape town and Cinematography is Good.Songs are good and the potrayal of Friendship and Values is good between Veronica and Meera.
Diana and Deepika acted well in the movie,according to their Roles.
I give 1/5 rating

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