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Monday, July 23, 2012

Marketing- Instantaneousism Vs Gradualism

Really this is an intresting topic where my left hemisphere always have a fight with my right hemisphere.I always think whether to take a decision at that instant based on the current scenario or to take the decision based on the facts and records of the past.

In my view it depends on the type of Industry we are in or the kind of situation we are in.Generally the type of decisions we take have a long term effect on our Business.In such a situation, we need to analyse the past records and figures where in the decision should be rational, Because the one instantaneous decision may rise or collapse ur Business.

But in other situations where we need to react so fast and that involves our intitution and especially our Competitors.For example the competitor has suddenly decreased the prices of the product to one tenth.
What will we do??
Do we also decrease it to such an extent???
It all depends on the Indstry we are in.If it is really a competitive industry.we cannot avoid the price reduction but not one tenth i feel,coz we have our own points of difference where we need to focus on.
But i have an example, The Instantaneous decision of TATA DOCOMO when introduced pay per sec calling (1P/SEC) had a revolutuionary effect on the whole Industry.

So the Instantaneous decisions may fetch in short term gains where we need to utilise that short gain and leverage it into long term profits.
and Gradualism is in course of time, we consider the facts and figures and and Impelement the short term strategies to Establish ourselves.

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