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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dont Disturb the Cycle

Everything in this world is a cyclic process.See for example the basic process 'the seasons' or the cycle of evaporation, Everything in the life is a cycle of Events and each and every event should follow the succeeding one and each and every event is Interlinked.If any one of the event is altered, whole chain is disturbed and gets lost.
Man is trying to change all the natural Processes,atleast as a selfish creature he has to think of his own future ans sustainance, should try to maintain the systems which helps atleast do not disturb the processes which directly or has an Instant effect on Mankind.
Man is responsible for extinction of many species in this world and Soon mankind will face extinction if it continues,Because he is disturbing the food web, where the food of One creature is extinct leading to extinction of other.Finally creating large gaps and Great Imbalances in ecosystem.
Human Beings should act wise as most evolved creature on earth.Protect nature,protect ecosystem,protect Human race.
We all know what to do and what not to do.Just we need to follow the cycle AND LET IT RUN.

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