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Product Training:Know ur product

Product training is the most important aspect for the development of career.It is very important to know about ur product before you start your Marketing. Its not just about knowing,its about how well you know about it,all dimensions of the product.Its USP, Positioning, Brand elements, Specifications and Product differentiation,Product line and Product depth.

Where is Freedom of Speech and Expression??

The Preamble of the Indian Constitution ensures to all its citizens the liberty of expression . Article 19(1)(a) of Indian Constitution says that all citizens have the right to freedom of speech and expression. Freedom of Speech and expression means the right to express one's own convictions and opinions freely by words of mouth, writing, printing, pictures or any other mode. It thus includes the expression of one's idea through any communicable medium or visible representation, such as gesture, signs, and the like. This expression connotes also publication and thus the freedom of press is included in this category. Free propagation of ideas is the necessary objective and this may be done on the platform or through the press. This propagation of ideas is secured by freedom of circulation. Liberty of circulation is essential to that freedom as the liberty of publication. Indeed, without circulation the publication would be of little value. The freedom of speech and

2nd Man on MOON-Buzz Aldrin

Buzz Aldrin was the second man on the moon after Neil armstrong, On Apollo 11 first Manned lunar landing. I was forced to search for the answer, when i was watching the movie 3 Idiots and the questioned was asked by professor virus to students in the movie. By my curiosity, I found it and Buzz Aldrin was the second man and on july 20 1969 landed on moon after Neil Armstrong.

Controversies in movies

Are controversies in movies made by the directors to get the publicity or the the scenes are made controversial by some groups or people to get publicity for themselves. Recently many movies in Telugu are into this category, Cameraman Ganga tho Rambabu, A women in Brahmanism, Denikaina Ready are into controversies. Are these movies in to controversies because of the mistakes made by the Directors,story writers or dialogue writers or Wantedly they are making controversies to get publicity to the movies or For getting Publicity the group representatives or the political leaders exploit the small issues in the movies to gain the publicity. Anyhow, there are two sides of the coin for any Issue, But should not affect public Interests and Harmony in the state.

Savitha In Ireland;Really a tragic Incident

Really a Tragic Incident, Savitha being a doctor was Pregnant and has Identified the trouble in her delivery and asked the doctors to save her life by doing abortion in the most Critical situation. The Law in Ireland do not permit abortions,but it Has resulted in the loss of life.Definitely there should be amendment in the law and certain cases which are critical should be left to the Doctors. However still Investigation is going on about the exact situation, Still Human rights should be respected and protected. R.I.P Savitha

Digital Art by Vijay-Samsung Tab 2


Study of Blogs-Blogology

I was studying since my childhood of Different "LOGY" Means "to study". Biology-study of Living organisms Zoology-study of Animals Herpetology-study of Amphibians Ornithology-Study of Birds. I got an I dea of studying Blogs..what do we call the study of Blogs.How Blogs are written and what are the different blog categories, what do they write, how do they write, where is the orgin of the blogs, Uses of Blogs, Disadvantages of Blogging, what is the forst blog written....................etc etc etc. So I would say Study of Blogs as "Blogology"

Happy Diwali

I wish you Happy and safe Diwali. -Celebrate Diwali with full of Joy, Sweets, Traditional Mouth watering foods and Crackers, But Be safe while Burning Crackers. -Wear Cotton Clothes -Do not place all the crackers at same place where there is a chance of catching fire -Keep all ur pets Inside -Be aware of small children, Do not let them burn crackers without adult supervision. ONCE AGAIN, WISH YOU HAPPY AND SAFE DIWALI

India Today-My Favorite Program-The Outsider-Sebastian

The Outsider-Sebastian The Program THE OUTSIDER, Definitely my favorite program, the Topics chosen in the program are very relevant to the current situation of  India and Host Sebastian I love the way he asks the question.The People in the debate are also Very much relevant, responsible and Knowledgeable Persons and the Best Discussions takes place and Supported by Facts and Figures. Many points that come of the discussion are worth to be noted down and At least we must think on those problems and can do something on it, If is in our Hands.After all India is Nothing But People who are living in India. WE ARE INDIA AND WE ARE RESPONSIBLE.

MBA-Marketing-What is a Brand?

How to define a Brand.We see so many brands around us everyday...If i ask u name some of them... You get only few of them on top of your mind.If i ask u the -Milk Brands what is ur answer...Amul, Jersey, Heritge, Tirumala... -Tooth paste- Colgate, pepsodent.... -Face wash-Ponds, Garnier, Nivea.... -Shoe Brands-Nike, Woodland, Bata, Redtape So why do we remember only few of the brands....WHAT DO YOU SAY Of "GOOGLE" Google is just a serach engine but search engine is totally replaced by GOOGLE.We just do googling, ryt?? So the the strength of the brand that is BRAND EQUITY. Brand is the combination all the brand elements. Brand elements Includes- -Brand name -logo -colour -music -Tagline -ad characters etc... So it is a combination of all these Elements.But the Brand is remembered and will be on the top of the mind of the customers if and only if along with the elements, Brand Positioning is Important and the QUALITY of the Product/Service,Trust and the Relevan

Its my world of Blogging: LIC Housing loans at lowest Intrest rates-hyderabad-advice from Housing loan expert - Andhra Pradesh, India

Its my world of Blogging: LIC Housing loans at lowest Intrest rates-hyderabad-advice from Housing loan expert - Andhra Pradesh, India

LIC Housing loans at lowest Intrest rates-hyderabad-advice from Housing loan expert - Andhra Pradesh, India

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Best Ironical Comment Made by Javed akthar at CNBC IBLA

Best Ironical Comment Made by Javed akthar at CNBC INDIAN BUSINESS LEADERS AWARDS: Really I liked it the most and the javed akthar expressed in such a subtle Humour saying that he do not know about Business much and left Economics, But he is Improving his "English" and has learned the PAST TENSE OF "SCAM" is "SCHEME" . I liked the way he Ironically describes the condition of India,Where every scheme introduced by the government becomes a SCAM. How much money can a human being spend,how much will he spend on luxuries,All the politicians who involves in scams what do they do with these money??? They die of fear that these scams will be out some day, fear that somebody takes them out some day, finally die with all sorts of Diseases from B.P, Diabetes.Its better to give to the needful and get some happiness out of it.