Best Ironical Comment Made by Javed akthar at CNBC IBLA

Best Ironical Comment Made by Javed akthar at CNBC INDIAN BUSINESS LEADERS AWARDS:
Really I liked it the most and the javed akthar expressed in such a subtle Humour saying that he do not know about Business much and left Economics, But he is Improving his "English" and has learned the PAST TENSE OF "SCAM" is "SCHEME".
I liked the way he Ironically describes the condition of India,Where every scheme introduced by the government becomes a SCAM.
How much money can a human being spend,how much will he spend on luxuries,All the politicians who involves in scams what do they do with these money???
They die of fear that these scams will be out some day, fear that somebody takes them out some day, finally die with all sorts of Diseases from B.P, Diabetes.Its better to give to the needful and get some happiness out of it.


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