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My first Design in Illustrator


Modular Kitchens In Kukatpally, Hyderabad


India getting resistant to antibiotics

Yes, True, India is getting resistant to antibiotics.I was watching the debate aired on Indiatimes. Everybody in the panel are very much qualified, educated, and even doctors.But there are no person representing pharma.Pharma in the sense is not only the Pharmacist who dispenses medicine or the person from manufacturing industry. It includes, clinical pharmacist, who assist doctor, a pharmacologist, and the of course a dispenser a hospital pharmacist. Everything in this health care segment has been done against the benefit of the consumer/patient. There is no exception for any doctor, every doctor want to make money and any person from the pharma manufacturing want to make money.There are no guidelines for prescription or no prescription audits, no surveillance and No license cancellations for pharmacists or doctors. No patient medical records are maintained, no past history, no profile for allergic drugs, no profile of drug food interactions or dosage regimen........

Speak to yourself

I was just FBing and found an interesting share by one of my friends, It is " Talk to yourself at-least once in a day, otherwise u will miss meeting a great person on that day". So we need to talk to ourselves and appreciate the good and give appraisal for our strengths and Minimize our weaknesses. I feel analyzing oneself is a crucial part and should become a practice for the growth and troubleshooting ourselves and Unleash the power within us.