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Friday, August 2, 2013

Agitation In Seemandhra has Started-Unfair to give Hyderabad to Telangana

The agitation in Telangana region has come to an end by the announcement of separate state for telangana.Congress government with CWC meeting has come to a decision and announced the division of state Telangana along with Hyderabad as its capital.
Till now with the long twelve years of agitation started by K.C.R the development of whole Andhra Pradesh and the Hyderabad has halted and Investors from abroad as well as other states has moved to neighboring states and mainly attracted to Gujarat lead by Narendra Modi.
Now with this announcement further the de-growth happens in Andhra Pradesh and Hyderabad.
Congress without the consent of people in Andhra pradesh or the seemandhra people has declared its decision.The main focus in the issue is Hyderabad.Hyderabad is a metropolitan city with people residing from all over the world.All the people have contributed for its development as the capital of the state with International reputation.
Especially the contribution of all the three regions of the state i.e Telangana, coastal andhra and Rayalaseema people.
It took over 50years to develop such a city with the contributions and the hopes of crores of people in it.
Its unfair to give, the combined efforts to bring it an International Status to the telangana region.

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