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Friday, April 29, 2016

Which type of Chimney to Choose?

  • Traditional Chimneys with Casette filter has a Disadvantage---Filter obstructs the suction & frequency of cleaning the filter is more in these chimneys and Service required is also more frequent.As it obstructs the flow, suction reduces by 150-200m3/hr.For example, a chimney with casette filter of 1000 suction, actual efficiency would be only 800.
  • Baffle filter Chimneys are Litte better than casette filter chimneys, As it reduces the frequency of service and cleaning is reduced to an extent.But Efficiency is certainly reduced.
  • Baffle filter with Autolean are recent Advancements, But still have filters, which needs to be cleaned.
  • Advanced chimneys are Filterless Autoclean-1st gen autoclean, 2nd gen autoclean and  3rd Generation Autoclean. 3rd Generation autoclean chimneys are without filter and Has a use of german technology, has a chamber collects oil and Efficeincy is More as No filters are there and No hassles of Cleaning filter.Just PUSH OF A BUTTON, Oil gets collected in the collector.

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