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Kutchina Autoclean Chimneys-Distributor in Hyderabad

Kutchina Autoclean chimney Distributors-Eight Streaks Interiors, Hyderabad.8886249998 3rd Generation Autoclean Chimneys are available in Hyderabad at Eight streaks Interiors, a Modular kitchen company.Since its inception starting from 1st gen Autoclean chimneys, Eightsreaks has its association with Kutchina.Kutchina has remarkably upto the expectations of the Elite clientele has launched the 2nd gen and 3rd gen chimneys. 3rdgen Chimneys are of Dry autoclean and Filterless.So there is no hassles of Cleaning filter every week. The new range got Curve glass Models, they are Curvy 60 and Curvy 75.With 60cms and 75 cms respectively and 1000m3/hr and 1200m3/hr.  Curvy   Curvy 75