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Saturday, November 10, 2012

MBA-Marketing-What is a Brand?

How to define a Brand.We see so many brands around us everyday...If i ask u name some of them...
You get only few of them on top of your mind.If i ask u the
-Milk Brands what is ur answer...Amul, Jersey, Heritge, Tirumala...
-Tooth paste- Colgate, pepsodent....
-Face wash-Ponds, Garnier, Nivea....
-Shoe Brands-Nike, Woodland, Bata, Redtape
So why do we remember only few of the brands....WHAT DO YOU SAY Of "GOOGLE"
Google is just a serach engine but search engine is totally replaced by GOOGLE.We just do googling, ryt??
So the the strength of the brand that is BRAND EQUITY.
Brand is the combination all the brand elements.
Brand elements Includes-
-Brand name
-ad characters etc...
So it is a combination of all these Elements.But the Brand is remembered and will be on the top of the mind of the customers if and only if along with the elements, Brand Positioning is Important and the QUALITY of the Product/Service,Trust and the Relevance of the product in its Use by the customer and the level of Positioning in the Mind of the customer is Important.How well the Brand Message is received as as it is wanted by the Advertiser and Retained in the Customer's Mind.

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