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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tomorrow-21-december-2012-End of the world

I am waiting for this date from past two years from the date the movie 2012 was released.
The last date in the Mayan calendar and also According to Nostradomus Dec-21-2012 is the last day...
I am really excited to Feel and Experience the end of the world!!!
Lets come together to enjoy our last day....

Most Polluting Vehicles in Hyderabad-R.T.C Buses

Most Polluting causing Vehicles in Hyderabad-R.T.C Buses
Most Polluting vehicles in Hyderabad are government run Andhra Pradesh Road Transport Corporation.
These emit such a smoke causing most Discomfort to the bikers behind the bus and sometimes even causing suffocation and Irritation to skin, and eyes.
Do these vehicles need to undergo Pollution check and Is Proper maintenance is required or Not.
The survey made by some organisation found that the Centers like Panjagutta has less than 2% oxygen available because of Pollution.
Let us Keep Hyderabad Clean,Green, and Free of Pollution.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Interiors In Hyderabad-Modular Kitchens and Wardrobes: 8 Streaks Interiors

Modular Kitchens are Equipped with the pre-manufactured cabinet parts, modular kitchens are simple and look elegant with top notch interior styling and designs. Most of the common modular kitchen features and their accessories in the contemporary kitchens are listed below -

  • Cabinets: A cabinet is an important accessory for the present day contemporary kitchen. These different cabinets are exclusively meant for storing containers of different sizes. They do not just increase the storage space, but also help in organizing things in a way that they are not visible, thereby helping the kitchen look neat, organized and spacious..
  • Shutters and shelves: Every modular kitchen comes with plenty of shelves and shutters. With the help of shutters, you can stack crockery items like bowls, plates, containers and utensils conveniently.
  • Cooker Hoods: You can see cooker hoods in any of these modern kitchens. Cooker hoods are more useful in getting rid of smoke from the kitchen. Since Indian cuisines hold strong aroma of spices, it is advisable to place cooker hoods in almost every Indian kitchen.
  • Cooking Range: Cooking units are fixed to granite countertops. These are also available in various sizes that include four as well as two burners.
  • Pull out drawers: Pull-out drawers are used to store a variety of food items, spices, utensils, and one must ensure that the modular kitchen that they offer has got these pull-out drawers at all costs. Pull-out drawers help save space and store items while they lie concealed within

Interiors In Hyderabad-Modular Kitchens and Wardrobes-I work as Branch Manager in Largest and Leading Brand in South India with its own Manufacturing Facility.

Why Modular Interiors?
        1.Budget : We customize according to your budget
       2.Design: Professional Designers to Meet  customer requirements and Factory finish
       3.We Plan Your Space: Optimum Utililization of Space
       4.Service: Designing, Manufacturing, Installation and Post sale service
       5.Tension less: We overtake every job and we assure you about our Quality of the Material, On time Delivery and No tension with Carpenter.                                   
  • Modular Kitchens  
  • Study Tables
  • Arch
  • Office Furniture
  • Office workstations
  • T.V units   Cabinet 
  • Dressing Tables
  • Wardrobes   

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Shame on doctors -Example 2

I heard it from somebody, that of the reputed private hospital located in patny, secundrabad, Andhra pradesh that One of the doctors who speaks so sweetly with the patients and gives them so much assurance and patient thinks He is form of God, talks a deal with the first line of  company that, If Ihave to write prescription for your product give me 4***** and I give you 12***** per year.
What a bullshit.
And he appoints his own sub distributor to get the commission on the sale.
Poor people keeping so much hope and trust on these BLOODSUCKERS come for treatment.
Please let us not encourage this type of system.Please be genuine and help others..

Shame on doctors in INDIA-EXAMPLE 1

Most reputed hospital in Andhra Pradesh was Involved and the doctor in that hospital was caught in the act of "ORGAN TRADE"
What the hell is this? First of all...Is he a human being.
What would you expect the punishment for his offence.
I would shoot him to death for playing with the lives of poor and patients, Because lot of complications are involved in unrelated transplants.
But, to our surprise, there was no action taken against him, due to lack of proper evidence and he is Practicing in his own style and in the same Hospital.

Shame on Doctors in India

Yes, Most of us do not know the real color of Doctors, where we feel that he is God and saves life.
But for a doctor, his profession is not to treat patients.Patient is a money bank for him and his Profession is a Business.
I can assure that 99% of the doctors in India are Corrupt,Shameless,and Do not have ethical values.
Pharma people are the gods who Invent medicines, know how they work and different fields of Scientists work on it to produce and manufacture a  medicine for the benefit of the patient.
But doctors do not respect all these people, they think they are the only people who can do whatever they want  play with the lives of patients, Insult Pharma people.
I know some of the doctors who do not know the basics of medicine,just copy the protocol what the other doctor does blindly and looting the money from the patient and other parties shamelessly.
The whole system has to change,
Pharma companies should be regulated by government strictly, If crossed the rules,cancelling their licenses and even the banning the company.
Doctors should know that they are not gods in their subject,try to listen to Medical reps and Respect them
Pharma companies should recruit qualified professionals, I have seen even and diploma students working as reps.
Its not only about Respecting other fellow beings, you should know how to do good for the mankind.
What the hell are you doing???????
Please serve the people, let the pharma people explain what they want to explain, please respect their profession and knowledge they posses.

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