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Friday, April 29, 2016

3 feet chimney With 1400 Suction @ 8Streaks Interiors-Kutchina

Kutchina-Elite Dlx-1400 Suction

Autoclean chimney-German technology-with 1400 Suction and Elegant Glass 
Kutchina Autoclean Chimney

Which type of Chimney to Choose?

  • Traditional Chimneys with Casette filter has a Disadvantage---Filter obstructs the suction & frequency of cleaning the filter is more in these chimneys and Service required is also more frequent.As it obstructs the flow, suction reduces by 150-200m3/hr.For example, a chimney with casette filter of 1000 suction, actual efficiency would be only 800.
  • Baffle filter Chimneys are Litte better than casette filter chimneys, As it reduces the frequency of service and cleaning is reduced to an extent.But Efficiency is certainly reduced.
  • Baffle filter with Autolean are recent Advancements, But still have filters, which needs to be cleaned.
  • Advanced chimneys are Filterless Autoclean-1st gen autoclean, 2nd gen autoclean and  3rd Generation Autoclean. 3rd Generation autoclean chimneys are without filter and Has a use of german technology, has a chamber collects oil and Efficeincy is More as No filters are there and No hassles of Cleaning filter.Just PUSH OF A BUTTON, Oil gets collected in the collector.

Kinds of Electric Chimneys/Hoods in Kitchen

  1. Traditional Chimneys---Which Uses Casette filter(carbon) with Suction(MAIN FUNCTION)
  2. Chimneys with Baffle Filter----Baffle filters hold on Oil and with Suction they send out Fumes
  3. Chimneys With Baffle Filter and Autoclean( Water and detergent)
  4. Advanced Technology--Filterless Autoclean with High efficiency of Suction

chimney black

white chimney

kutchina chimney

3 feet chimney

autoclean kitchen chimney

kitchen hoods

electric chimney hyderabad

hood chimney

florentine kutchina chimney hood

Why Chimney for a Kitchen ?

A Normal Indian kitchen has High level use of Spices, Oil and High calorie food.When they cook, a variety of Odours, Fumes and Vapours evlove which might disturb the Mood in the House, Might create fuss in the kitchen and Vapours are Very Harmful.The oil and the soot gathers around the Cabinets and the roof which recirculates or Become stale and Produces Harmful cancer causing substances.So its essential to use Kitchen chimneys to send out the vapours and the oil out out of our Home using Chimneys.
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