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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Kutchina Autoclean Chimneys-Distributor in Hyderabad

Kutchina Autoclean chimney Distributors-Eight Streaks Interiors, Hyderabad.8886249998

3rd Generation Autoclean Chimneys are available in Hyderabad at Eight streaks Interiors, a Modular kitchen company.Since its inception starting from 1st gen Autoclean chimneys, Eightsreaks has its association with Kutchina.Kutchina has remarkably upto the expectations of the Elite clientele has launched the 2nd gen and 3rd gen chimneys.
3rdgen Chimneys are of Dry autoclean and Filterless.So there is no hassles of Cleaning filter every week.
The new range got Curve glass Models, they are Curvy 60 and Curvy 75.With 60cms and 75 cms respectively and 1000m3/hr and 1200m3/hr.

 Curvy 75

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Built in Hobs-Difference Between Indian(Brass and Italian Burners)

Gets high performance cooking experience with trendy and Modern kitchen appliances that adds aesthetics to your kitchen with its international looking designer built in hobs that makes your home and kitchen look Modern and elegant.
 Built in hobs has brought a revolution in the field of kitchen appliances. Cooking has become an enjoyable experience for everyhomemaker. The issue of hygiene & cleanliness is completely resolved and Fuctionality has reached its peaks. 
A variety of built in hobs are available in Indian market.From the range of stainless steel to tempered glass finish is available in themarket. The built in hobs are designed in such a manner that it uses the right temperature needed for cooking meals. Thus preventing the wastage of gas. LiquefiedPetroleum Gas (LPG) and Natural Gas (NG) both are the options available to workon. The burner ranges from 2-5 as per your need. 
Indian brass burners, MFC (Multi Flame Control) burners, Europeanburners, SABAF burners are different types of burners options in Indian market.European burners doesn’t fulfill the Indian kitchen needs due to its low flame whereasMFC brass burners are suited to Indian kitchen due to its high flame needed fortadkas and deep frying. The other type is Sabaf burners that uses modern technologywhich prevents wastage of fuel thus making full of fun by cooking food faster.All the renowned brands are using SABAF burners and MFC brass burners in itsbuilt in hobs. Installation of hobs is easy task and features like Hobs are resistant to corrosion, have stylish and chic designs, easy to clean, highdurability and safety measures that make it suitable for every type of kitchen .Thus hobs bring great cooking experience for every homemaker. Some of the Brands Like KUTCHINA has Safety device that cuts off the gas supply when the flame is cut off and leakage of gas is prevented and keeps us safe. Therefore it provides a safest cooking experience.Various renowned brands like Kutchina, Prestige, Elica,Kaff, Padmini, Faber,Ekko, Seavy,Sunflame, Fabiano and many more are available at competitive prices to make cooking experience pleasurable. 

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